Author: Akshay Jain

Starting Meetups in Ludhiana.

Meetups Ludhiana. As a garment manufacturer, we have been thinking of expaniding the number of people we meet and increase the numebr of fashion entrepreneurs. With so mcuh of information available, you never know what is right and what is not. This is where CustomBaba comes up. We are starting new meetups that you can join if the same interests you. Since some time, we have been thinking to open our manufacturing knowledge to people in the city. In the city because our discussion would involve one to one coaching on Meetups Ludhiana. 1) How to become a fashion entrepreneur: Ludhiana fashion entrepreneur meetup. 2) How to manufacture hoodies: The worls is getting crazy about hoodies. It is time that people in the fashion industry try and understand the processes involved. Involving various designs and prints, join us if you are interested in the next big fashion trend. Hoodie manufacturing meetup. 3) How to stitch garments. As we have a large stitching house, we constantly require more people to join the workforce. Lately, our orders are increasing and we need more and more people to fill up vacancies. We have realised that a basic training is required for people to learn and manufacture great quality garments. Thus we are now starting meetups for people who would be interested in the same. Stitching is an art that should be learnt...

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How to plan collections throughout the year?

Plan Collections: Have you ever thought how the garment industry works and how much planning goes into making every collection? Top brands take up to six months! So we need to understand that planning is very importnat when we look to start a clothing line.  But there are many factors that need to be taken into account when you plan collections. And we need to start for the very basics. The first step in planning a collection is the fabric. The fabric can be Knitted or woven. Now we need to understand that during summers, garment manufacturers, manufacture clothes...

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Distribution chains

Distribution chains. Welcome folks, to the first lesson of How to start a clothing company. This is going to be a practical guide on starting your fashion brand. Understanding distribution chains is core to understanding the business of fashion. We will discuss wholesale, retail, online and other business models. Since the last five years I have been studying the fashion industry distribution chains and have made good number of successes and failures. Starting your fashion brand is not just buying a piece of garment and trying to sell it, we need to understand what sells where and where can...

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Overlock machine precautions

Overlock precautions: In garment manufacturing, overlock machine is one of the most used machines. It is very important to take perfect care of the machine. While we discussed installing overlock  machine previously, it is also important to discuss various precautions while manufacturing using this machine. We manufacture customised clothing like custom t shirts, custom hoodies and various types of garments for various brands. We would now start with the overlock machine precautions. So as to avoid electric shock hazards, do not open the cover of the electrical box of the motor or touch any part the electrical box of...

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Operating environment

Operating environment.  Running a garment factory is not easy. Even with customised garments like customised t shirts and custom hoodies Delivering orders on time aside, it is very important to run the factory safe and sound with all precautions. In this topic we would try to understand the operating environment for the factory with respect to the machines: Be sure to use the machine under the environment which is not affected by strong noise source (electro magnetic waves) such as a high-frequency welder in order to prevent accident caused by malfunction of the machine. Never operate the machine in...

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