How to Start T-Shirt Business in India [ Updated : 2019 ]

T-shirts are a staple in informal wear and have been universally admissible by both men and women for the last few years. Not solely are they a classic piece of casual put on, but t-shirts are a clean canvas for artists and marketers alike. Any business or event or party may be more exuberant with custom-published t-shirts.

With the boom in recognition of t-shirts agencies, there is no question you will be dealing with quite stiff opposition. To clear through, you may want to have t-shirt designs that people love, an emblem people cherish, and quality people consider.

If your short period aim or dream is to have a t-shirt printing store of your own, we have a step-by-step manual which would possibly help you to set up your enterprise and run it correctly.

There are numerous essential factors for starting a hit t-shirt commercial enterprise. It would help if you considered these factors intently earlier than moving ahead :

  • Niche: Being extra unique will assist you to stand out as well as higher attract and market to the proper audience without blowing your finances.
  • Design: The majority of individuals who might be buying photo tees are searching out design, photos and slogans that hook up with them and mirror their opinions and persona.
  • Quality: The pleasant of the shirts you operate and the prints desires to be amazing.
  • Brand: A sturdy, interesting emblem is essential in the t-shirt enterprise.

Planning to Start your T-shirt business in India ?

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How to Start a T-shirt Business in India – The Ultimate Guide


Know the fundamentals :

™ – TM Symbol

The TM symbol is used when software for the trademark is made with the trademark registry. It is an intellectual belonging wherein you may trademark “call, word, word, emblem, image, or a mixture of those elements. When you trademark something, it gives direct caution to the infringers & the counter-fitters that the specific component is trademarked and is legally an offence to apply it.

® – R Symbol

The R image denotes that the trademark is registered. Registered emblem or factors trademarked enjoys protection from infringement under the Trademark laws.

©- C Symbol

The © symbol stands for copyright and is a reserved proper observe regarding any work that may be copyrighted like artwork, images, videos, books, literary works, and many others.

Create a T-Shirt Business Plan

To turn out to be a success with any enterprise, it is essential to have a vigorous business plan. Now about the t-shirt printing industry, you have to remember the fact that it has an extensive variety of target market based on their desire for first-class, design and style.
Identify the marketplace niche.

To perceive the marketplace area of interest, make sure you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will, your clients, have the freedom to layout their very own t-shirts, or you may have a hard and fast variety of designs to pick from?
  • Will you be focused on a gap within specific age companies? For example, Printed rock band t-shirts for teens or printed recreation t-shirts for adults.

Once the enterprise and marketplace research is completed, you need to put in writing the marketing strategy. While growing a custom published t-shirt plan, you need to mull over things like:

  • The challenge of your corporation – that may involve offering excessive first-rate published t-shirts at cost-effective prices.
  • Will you create basic templates and design or purchase pre-made designs?
  • Create advertising and marketing ideas based on advertising analysis via utilizing events, social media, festivals, conventions, and many others.
  • Analyze the opposition and recognize how you will’re making your logo stand proud of different t-shirt corporations.
  • Obtain a license relevant for your region and sort of commercial enterprise.

Consider the monetary aspects.

Before setting up a business like this, it’s miles very crucial to have an idea as to what the whole lot will price you. You can get printing fees from distinct t-shirt printing corporations so that you can examine expenses and deliver the excellent deal, without compromising at the great.

Once you begin printing and generating t-shirts, start noting down all of your fees consisting of bagging, tagging, labelling, and different completing methods. Also, consist of the costs incurred delivery containers and storing merchandise. Once you figure out on these factors, it’s going to assist you in determining approximately the prices you must quote to your t-shirts. You also need to know how lengthy you may undergo together with your online t-shirt printing enterprise in case it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to.

Selling Online

The second most critical factor to do is to understand the e-commerce systems you will be using on selling your t-shirt online. Here, you have two alternatives:

Choosing a hosted platform

Hosted systems are perfect for beginners and will get you up and running. While designing t-shirts, people prefer to have the ability to experiment with shades, designs, and templates. So make sure you add an ample quantity of functions to your t-shirt designing tool on the platform and make it consumer-friendly.

Having a self-hosted platform

You also can have a custom advanced E-commerce solution on your commercial enterprise. It’s going to let you have your design, provided with the freedom of creating custom edits, deliver many alternatives relating Search Engine Optimization and could enable you to feature merchandise and set fees at your comfort.

Create your designs

Hire a Designer

Once you’ve got an idea for some t-shirt designs, you’re going to should get your ideas designed. If you have Adobe Photoshop or equivalent applications, you may design some samples on your own. However, if you’re like most people, you might find it hard to design t-shirt without any software and hence, possibly want to use some help. There are tons of tools and market locations you may use to find an appropriate graphical designer to help you together with your designs.

Purchase Pre-Made Designs

If hiring designer sounds too much work for you, there are also alternatives to buy pre-made designs. You’ll want to remember that if you choose to move this path, there’s a high probability that different individuals are already selling the layout, making it more difficult for you and your emblem to face out. You can try out purchasing designs from freelance market places like Fiverr.
Select the t-shirt printing technique you want to apply

After designs are the task of printing! There are three commonly accompanied approaches of printing t-shirts. All three techniques have their blessings and disadvantages.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is an old technique that has stood the take a look at of time. As one of the most famous strategies for printing onto t-shirts, display screen printing can produce a long-lasting and durable result.


  • Cost effective for big batches.
  • Volume discounts.


  • Not price powerful for more than one hues.
  • Can best print easy pix and designs.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfers have additionally been around for a long term and exist in several forms. You may have seen original warmness switch paper at your local office deliver save. This makes it easy to print your designs from your personal computer and transfer them with an iron; this won’t cut it when it comes to running a business.


  • You can “print” each shirt on demand.


  • Lower quality and less long-lasting than direct-to-garment and display screen printing.
  • Large in advance investment right into a warmness press machine (Few hundred dollars to three thousand dollars).
  • Do-it-yourself method approach overtime input from yourself.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

The direct-to-garment printing method operates much like an ink-jet printer you would have at home. DTG prints ink immediately onto the t-shirt and may produce full-colour snapshots with accuracy.


  • Unlimited colour alternatives.
  • High detail accuracy in printed design.
  • Great for small orders or one-offs.
  • No set-up charges.


  • Not value useful for strong production runs.
  • Generally no volume discounts.

Select the proper T-shirt provider

Once you have got decided to challenge into T-shirt printing enterprise, you want to buy blank T-shirts for printing. Do a bit little bit of research and discover approximately a producer who can provide you with correct, beautiful, clean t-shirts for printing.
Make confident you preserve a terrific courting together with your supplier as you lose time and money out of your manufacturing time table with each imperfect shirt. Think about the physical traits of the material you will use to print.
Set up the printing infrastructure

Once you’re completed finding out the type of printing technique and t-shirt printing material, you want to install a printing infrastructure or a facility in which printing can take area without any system defects. It is handy to have a printing studio which is ready with well-maintained printers at the side of a coating and a finishing unit.

Also, the printer needs to be capable of print n variety of layout on exceptional satisfactory of fabric. This is due to the fact, the customers who demand printed t-shirts additionally may call for customized caps, bags, jerseys and so forth.

Set up logistics infrastructure

Once the t-shirt order is located by way of your clients, it has to be added to them on time. You can make sure a smooth delivery method in 3 approaches:

  • You can either fulfill your orders on your own or ask your friends for help.
  • Sell your product via the drop-shipper who can take care of your orders.
  • Collaborate with a logistics enterprise which could cope with your warehousing and success.

There are numerous blessings of packing and transport your very own t-shirt orders as it’s far cost-powerful and flexible. So the groups which have just commenced with their business frequently choose to take care of their logistics.

Launch Your Store

Last however not the least; you can eventually begin promoting a few t-shirts! Invite your clients to un-harness their creativity and encourage them to attract the designs at the fine of their talents. Ensure that the clothier device is person friendly and the checkout manner is straightforward.

Marketing your business

Start advertising about your upcoming organizations via flyers, pamphlets, and business playing cards. Hand them out to nearest organizations, groups, and faculties. Verbal advertising is likewise very critical if you need the message about your printing enterprise to spread amongst the locals.

Wear your products and step out. Don’t be hesitant to sponsor occasions, give online advertisements and use different paid advertising and marketing tactics.

If you’re extreme about putting in an online t-shirt printing shop, you shouldn’t have the know-how of programming or coding — all you want as a creative streak and an excellent feel of fashion.

Also, with an enterprise like this, you can begin with restrained supplies, funding, and system. There are numerous companies out there that could offer you with a geared up made installation to your online t-shirt printing business. Are you prepared to print?

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