CustomBaba started as a t shirt manufacturer, with time manufacturing all items in Knitting.
This post would discuss all about t shirt manufacturing.

t shirt manufacturer

We will discuss many topics to make this post the best and the biggest post on t shirt manufacturing on the web.

We would discuss things like

Fabrics from which T shirts are made.
Machines used in manufacturing.
Colors used in dyeing of the fabric for T shirts.
Threads used in stitching.
Quality parameters.

T shirt manufacturing can be made from varied fabrics like

Poly cotton mix
Polyester Lycra
Viscose Lycra

t shirt manufacturer

There can be others too, but the above would constitute a dominant majority of fabrics used in t shirt manufacturing.
As a T shirt manufacturer, we manufacture T shirts in all these fabrics.

1) 100% Cotton T shirts.

100% cotton is the standard for all big and established brands. This fabric is soft and comfortable for the user and the quality is now established with the users as well. 100% cotton has become a selling points for brands, although some fabric mixes like 95% cotton and 5% polyester have better strength and increase longevity of the t shirts. But, due to consumer demand and trust, most brands still want their t shirt manufacturer to provide them with 100% cotton t shirts only.

2. 100% Polyester T shirts.

100% Polyester T shirts have different properties than the cotton ones.
Polyester fabric is cheaper than cotton and thus the end product does is not as costly as cotton.
Polyester fabric cannot be used for comfortable wear in hot and humid conditions where cotton is the norm. It also does not have properties to absorb sweat. Though modern fabrics made of polyester for sportswear are made of different knitting that instead of absorbing the sweat removes the sweat from the body itself.

3) Poly cotton mix fabric.

As you saw above both cotton and polyester have different properties.
Thus this third fabric has been constituted to integrate the properties of both cotton and polyester.
The fabric is much stronger than regular cotton due to polyester and cotton provides the cool temperature to body.
Mostly a percentage used is 80:20 for 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester.

t shirt manufacturer

4) Viscose.

Viscose is a plant based fabric made of cellulose. It is shiny, thus used mainly in women apparel.
It is quite light weight and suitable for warmer temperatures. It loses strength when wet.
Viscose has many cotton like properties as both are plant based. Softer, lighter and shinier than any other fabrics, this fabric took women apparel by storm.

5) Cotton Lycra.

Cotton lycra fabric is used when more stretchability is required in the fabric. This fabric is used when clothing is made for yoga-wear and sportswear. Cotton lycra is the default fabric used in leggings as they require the fabric to have more stretchability.  Cotton lycra is also used in many brands that are targeting the niche of people who love to skate, run or play sports. It has now also started appearing in women fashion for tops and dresses.

6) Polyester Lycra.

Polyester Lycra is used in premium sportswear. All premium brands like Nike, Adidas etc make their t shirts using this fabric only. As a T shirt manufacturer we take immense pride to work on this fabric for our in house sports wear brand “Yali”.
They are very good for body hugging sports designs.

7) Viscose Lycra.

Viscose Lycra is again used where stretchability and glossier, shinier finish is expected from the fabric. Though not a staple of any category, it is used in women dresses that hug the skin.

overlock Machine

Overlock machine : 

An overlock machine is used to attach two fabric pieces together like the front and back of a t shirt. It is also used to attach the sides of the t shirt/garment. It provides seam stitch to the garment and some machines have additional cutters that cut the extra fabric that is left when the two panels are joined. The additional cutter provides an aesthetical appeal to the garment and helps in better aesthetical appeal of the product.

coverstitch machine

A Coverstitch machine in t shirt manufacturing is required for the hemming process of the sleeves and bottoms of T-shirts.
This is the final stage of t shirt manufacturing before it goes for thread cutting and ironing of the garments.
A coverstitch machine essentially does cover stitching and is an essential machine in any plant that manufactures garments of any type.

Stitching machine

A stitching machine is used to put single needle stitching in the garments. For example if you notice any collared t shirt and notice the t shirt placket, it is made by a single thread stitching machine as above. This is the most basic type of machine available and is very similar to the stitching machines found at many homes.

We ordered a set of approx 1000 T shirts from CustomBaba and were not disappointed. The quality is superb and we ended up making good profit on our first collection of T shirts!

Shivam Jindal

Head of operations. , Karters, BITS Pilani

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