9921753733 [email protected]

No, you are not going to fight fire everyday.

We are not a funded startup, we are a profitable company.

So be rest assured that your career will move in the right direction.

If you are jobless and think it is better to do some work rather than waste your time on the internet watching stupid videos, please contact me directly on +91 9921753733.

I am not going to look at your resume, though I will ask for one.

You need to have good english, both spoken and written.

We have vacancies across the spectrum in operations, sales and marketing.

We are not going to give stupid salaries to you for no reason.

If you can work hard and can get the work done, there is no dearth of rewards either.

We are India’s first garmenting startup having our own production, which means we have our own stitching and printing unit.

We are launching a sports brand, a Men’s fashion brand, a women’s fast fashion brand and a children’s clothing brand too.

So, we are not just a custom clothing provider!