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T shirt printing is one of the most sought after knowledge today among t shirt entrepreneurs trying to start t shirt brands. Still, most of the knowledge on the web is insufficient and thus we thought to write this article that would demystify t shirt printing forever. Broadly speaking, we will go through various techniques for t shirt printing, both for printing the entire fabric and for only designs.

We will start with screen printing first.

Screen printing is the most used after type of printing method in the world. Simply stated, if a guy or a girl sitting next to you is wearing a printed t shirt, there are high chances that it is screen printed. Screen printing follows a simple procedure. Let us assume there is a single colour design. That is, the design that has to be printed on the t shirt is only one colour. That means we will be making one screen only. If there are two colors, we would make two screens and so on. But the number stops at four or for some designs at five. More the number of screens to be made, more the chances of error. Also, there is a cost incurred in making a screen, thus after a threshold of four to five, manufacturers switch to DTG or sublimation printing.

From the image attached at the right, you can see the cutout area of “C” and the circle around it. Thus when the printing master applies screen colour, only the cutout blank part will let the colour seep through. Accordingly, the master applies layers of the mixture on the fabric. More the number of layers applied, better would be the colour.

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