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A team jersey gives a feel of unity to the team members. Most of the team jerseys include the name of the nation and which also gives a patriotic feel and strength while playing against opponent team. Sports jerseys differentiate an athlete from a normal person. Sports jerseys have earned a lot, it gives a satisfaction to the fans. Some sports jerseys changed the fashion trend around the globe. People wear the replicas of their favourie sports jerseys. One can easily tell the name of the team by  just looking the jersy of the team. If all the players wear the same jersey, they share the feeling of commonness. No matter how rich or poor a person is, a jersey gives th feeling of equality.


Basketball is an old game, there was no specific uniform in the beginning. Modern basketball jerseys are made from polyester fabric, earlier it was made from stretchable wool. It was very difficult to take care of such jerseys and they also used to get shrink.

By 1900s a specific jersey was made for basketball players. The basketball jerseys went through a lot of changes during these years. There were two types of  official recommended jerseys, a quarter-length sleeve and a sleeveless. It became tighter-fitting in 1980s and remained consistent for more than fifteen years. Basketball jerseys got influenced by the Hip-hop style in 1990s, shorts became longer and loose fitting.

In 21st century the basketball uniforms became more loose-fitting and over-sized. Wicking fabric is used to make modern day jerseys, it absorbs the sweat and evaporates faster. Many wicking fabric is made from poleyster blends, it keeps the the players dry and comfortable.

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