CoverStitch machine is used to hem the ends of the near finished garment. The machine is mostly the final machine in the process of garment manufacturing. The cover-stitch machine is used for hemming process of the sleeves and bottoms of T-shirts and for the covering process for sportswear and knitwear.

CoverStitch can be done in any area of the fabric, just like lockstitch and chainstitch. In this method of stitching, both the faces of the garment, that is the top and the bottom are stitched simultaneously. The needle thread and the looper thread work together in this stitching process. the threads are bound together by interlacing and interloping.

The stitch gives appearance of a chain, thus the name chain stitch was given! the consumption of thread is also high in chain stitch.

As a T shirt manufacturer, maintenance of coverstitch machines is very important. The machine needs constant oil checks and should be reviewed by a trained company technician every two months. Even though there are dry head machines available, which make it less likely that oil is spilt on the fabric while stitching, it is a good general practice to check if the machine is leaking oil.

Also, only a trained machine operator would give you good efficiency on the coverstitch machine.

coverstitch machine
coverstitch machine

Above is a diagram of an industrial chainstitch machine from Juki. Juki is one of the powerhouses of garment machines and we would discuss some points about it.

Even though the digram looks really complex, the machine is fairly simple to use, just like an overlock machine. Any operator with relevant experience can operate the machine, also newcomers can start using the machine after training that does not take much time to complete.

As you can see through the diagram, the oil is put through the top in the new machines, oil from below is eliminated to reduce oil spill on garments. This helps reduce stains and helps all our production including that of Custombaba, which is our vertically integrated website for customised t-shirts and custom hoodies.

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