custom t shirt

Choose any colour for your custom T shirts or hoodies. Your creations should not be dependent, on non availability of the fabric colour. For the first time in India, use any colour and we will deliver. 100% cotton, no extra charges for bio wash.

custom t shirts

Using our experience of 35 years in the textile industry, we select the best cotton for your custom t shirts. Finer, stronger and stealthier than others, our cotton selection makes your t shirts softer and long lasting. Say no to coarse products and say yes to comfort!

t shirt fabrics

Printing is always a major factor, when you decide to order your custom T shirts. While others outsource their printing, we print your designs ourselves, helping us deliver awesome products with 100% customer satisfaction. Be assured that your prints would not fade out with time.

t shirt stitching

We believe that “Our soul is fed with needle and thread.” Using the best German stitching machines, we deliver quality with no loose ends and stitch that stands the test of time. You can be rest assured, and leave all your worries to us.

t shirt printing

At CustomBaba, we believe to deliver the best quality to you. T shirts you order are not just objects of clothing, they make a group a team, they transform players to warriors and batchmates to friends. When you use us, you not only choose the best price in the market, you also choose the best quality. Our team is led by gold medalists from Textile institute of technology, one of the most premier colleges of textile technology in Asia. We constantly check the fabrics, the chemicals and the paints for standards, to assure our customers only the best. We plug gaps in the traditional supply chain to deliver, only the best to you. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries you might have.

Excellent service by the CustomBaba team! We got our sports jerseys and hoodies from them for our racing event. The quality was excellent, with the best part that our hoodies were designer, having three colour fabrics. The Sports jerseys were great too. Should have known about them sooner. The costs were less than normal plain hoodies on other portals. Customer for life!


Operations, Bits Pilani

I got our company collar T shirts from CustomBaba. So soft T shirts, true to their words, they changed our normal collared t shirts to designer ones by redesigning the collars. My boss was impressed! I am happy. 🙂


Operations, Zeta

Received Hoodies for our hockey team. Very well fitting, I have been using it for daily wear now. I have to say the quality is par with good branded hoodies out there. Everyone in my team liked it. No regrets!


Punjab University

Received my T shirts on time for distribution to our employees. Impressed with the rates and quality. Will order again.



Trusted by the best!

stat fashion brand

Become the next Fashion mogul with the help of CustomBaba. Use our manufacturing expertise to become the next Sophia Amuruso or the next Amancio Ortega. Global apparel market today is worth 3 trillion dollars. But most people trying to enter the fashion world, do not know where to get started.

Thus we have made it easy for you to enter the fashion world through a series of free blogs we would share on this website. Get started by reading a post on what Pantone shades are.

For most of us, the first step in Fashion is to start a T shirt brand. But, do you know the fabrics and washes that are required to make the ultimate T shirt? Most of the manufacturers would not share the secrets, as they are reserved best for their premier clients. But unlike them, we want you to become rich and successful. Start by reading on what GSM is, to start your journey as a T shirt entrepreneur.

We are a premium manufacturer of garments, and all it takes for us to start, is a photograph from you of the product you want! We would procure the fabric and send you the samples before the final order. We do all kinds of prints and washes to make your product stand out from the market. Just send us a mail to get started.

stat t shirt brand
start hoodie brand

Hoodies are the new cool!

Sweatshirts and Hoodies have gone on to become fashion accessories from mere garments, that were worn to protect from cold. Using our help and dozens of patterns available with us, kickstart your hoodie brand. We will guide you on the best fabrics and quality guidelines available. All you need is the will, to make it big!

Patches, embroidery and embellishment, there is no product or design that we would not be able to fulfil.

Send us a mail today and kickstart your brand!

Signup for our mail and receive fashion merchandising secrets, you would not find anywhere on the web!

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