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Custom jerseys are personalized clothes designed to satisfy an individual's unique taste and preferences. It is not like traditional ready-made jerseys, custom jerseys allow you to have complete control over the design and material used, which creates a true representation of your personality and style. These custom garments are often related to sports teams and organizations.

Custom jersey

Personalized Jerseys are in great demand in India as demand for sports go up.
These personalized jerseys are made of 100% DRI FIT polyester.
There are two types of Jerseys we can provide.

1) Jersey Design 01

Budget Considerations:

Custom jerseys come in various price ranges, depending on the level of customization and quality. Set a budget that aligns with your requirements and expectations. While it's tempting to opt for the most affordable option, keep in mind that the quality and longevity of the jersey may vary with the price.

Check the range of customization options offered by the manufacturer or retailer. Custom jerseys should allow you to choose from various design elements, including team logos, player names, numbers, colors, and graphics. The more flexibility you have in designing your jersey, the better you can tailor it to your personal preferences or team identity.

The first option is 100% sublimation of the jersey. Here the jersey can be printed with any color, any design.

Sublimation printing is a printing technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto a material, such as fabric or paper. The dye is first printed onto a transfer paper in the desired design, then placed onto the material and heated using a heat press. The heat causes the dye to turn into a gas, which permeates the fibers of the material and bonds with them to create a high-quality, permanent image. Sublimation printing is commonly used to create custom apparel, such as custom jerseys.

Jersey design

2) Jersey Design 02

We used dyed polyester to make your jerseys, printing your logo and design where possible. This option is cheaper as sublimation is an expensive process.

Untitled design (32)resized

Custom Jersey Designs can be submitted to us by mail after filling out the sales form.

Once our sales team reaches out to you, the design can be shared via whats-app or mail as per your preference.

Custom Jersey design fabric used at our end is 100% polyester that uses Dri-Fit technology that removes excess sweat from the body through this fabric, and unlike the cotton fabric, does not let the sweat be absorbed by the fabric.

Sports jerseys have a significant role in the customized world. Custom jerseys are not like regular customized apparel, it is more than that and we are going to cover all topics related to them in this blog post.

  • What is Custom Jersey ?
  • Custom Jersey History.
  • Things to Consider Before Buying Custom Jersey.
  • Fabrics and Knits That Used In Custom Jersey.
  • Which Printing Method are Best for Custom Jersey ?
  • Different Types of Sports Jersey.
  • Where to Get Your Custom Jersey.

Custom jersey history

Custom Jersey History

The history of personalized jerseys is very fascinating that spans centuries, witnessing their transformation from simple sports clothes to admired fashion statements.

The roots of custom jerseys can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where early forms of team sports are played. In ancient times in countries like Greece and Rome athletes participate in events like chariot races and gladiator contests more wore unique clothes that differentiate them from their opponents player. These primitive forms of custom sports dress laid the foundation for the development of more complex jerseys in the future.

In the medieval and Renaissance period organized sports gained importance in parallel custom uniforms became a way to identify teams and players. For instance, during the early days of football. Teams would often be specific to their regions and guilds. These jerseys created unity among teammates and a sense of pride among fans.

As many drastic changes happened in a lot of different industries due to Industrial Revolution. Custom jersey is one of them, because of the industrial revolution 19th century become the biggest turning point for custom jersey there are some reasons behind this, and the biggest one is the revolutionization of mass production techniques in the textile industry. As a result of the revolutionization of mass-production machines, it became easier and more cost-effective to manufacture standardized sports apparel. All these factors made custom jerseys more accessible to a wider audience, and sports lovers started wearing replicas of their favorite team's jerseys to show support.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed a lot of professional sports leagues, for example, Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), and English Premier League (EPL). Formation of these leagues, custom jerseys took on a new level of importance. Players' names and numbers were added to jerseys too. This feature enables fans to easily identify and cheer for their favorite athletes.

The earliest history of jersey design is in England, where different jersey designs for different teams have been common since 1840. Different schools and colleges had different jersey designs that started the trend.

"The commoners have red and the college boys blue jerseys" and such colors are mentioned again in a Bell's Life in London article of 1858, as per Wikipedia.
The designs started getting more details as the popularity of the sport increased.

Soon, there were articles written, photographs taken, and people were swayed towards football. The organizers now doubled down on teams getting different jersey designs and the team owners obliged.

Custom jerseys got more advanced in designs and technology during mid 20th century. Discoveries in fabric blends and techniques made it easy to create more vibrant colors and complex designs. Once the jersey design of different teams got famous, the teams and franchisees saw them as a great opportunity to sell merchandise to fans and the public at large. The sale went into a frenzy once the games started getting television viewership. Everyone now wanted to sport their team's jersey design. This era also witnessed the introduction of sponsor logos on jerseys which create a strong bond between sports and commercial interests.

After a lot of advancements in sports simultaneously in custom jerseys, during the 1970s and 1980s, the time came for custom jerseys to go beyond sports and create a presence in different cultures. None other than Pop culture adapted the custom jersey as a new fashion style, this was the point where streetwear and urban fashion started.

In the present time which is also known as the digital age the customization jersey has reached new heights. Online platforms like Custombaba made it possible for custom jersey seekers to buy personalized jerseys with their names, favorite numbers, and unique graphics in just a couple of days and enhance their emotional connection to the sports they love.

Consider before buying custom jersey

Things to Consider Before Buying Custom Jersey

As a customer, we always consider many factors before buying anything, whether it's online or in the offline store. So here are some important factors you should consider to get the perfect jersey that meets your needs and preferences :

1. Jersey’s purpose

The purpose is the most important factor it's like a blueprint of a plan, so start with determining the primary purpose for which you need it. Consider these questions, Are you an athlete looking for performance-enhancing sportswear? Are you a fan seeking to show support for your favorite team or individual player? or are you purchasing jerseys for your own sports team or organization? Answers to these questions will help during your choices regarding fabric, design, and customization options.

2. Jersey fabric quality and composition

As always fabric quality is very crucial because it creates much impact on the comfort and durability of custom jerseys. Always consider high-performance materials that will help keep your body cool and dry and must have properties like breathability and flexibility. Polyester, Nylon, and blends that provide a balance between comfort and functionality are great choices. At Custombaba, we provide high-quality fabrics with different options.

3. Jersey customization options

When you are done with fabric then consider a range of customization options offered by the manufacturer. For example, you can choose from various design elements including team logos, player names, numbers colors, and graphics at Custombaba because the more flexibility you have in designing your custom jersey the better you can tailor it to your personal preferences or team identity.

4. Sizing and fit -

If you are an athlete then this factor is most important for you because the right size and fit are essential for comfort and optimal performance. Always pay attention to the sizing charts that are provided by the manufacturer to ensure you choose the size. At Cutombaba we provide a wide range of sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, and 2XL and we can also provide samples so that customers can gauge the fit and make any necessary adjustments (if want).

5. Budget considration -

Budgeting is that kind of factor that creates an impact on all important factors like customization and quality. Set your budget while considering your requirement and expectations. Custombaba can provide you with a wide range of qualities and customization according to your budget.

6. Brand reputation and reviews -

Take your time to research about manufacturer's reputation and read customer reviews and also consider feedback on the quality of the jerseys, customer service, and delivery times. A brand with positive reviews is more likely to provide a satisfactory custom jersey.

7. Sustainability and ethical practices -

Consumers who are environmentally conscious consider choosing a manufacturer or retailer that follows sustainable and ethical practices in their production process. At Custombaba we also have Mélange fabric options which are highly popular as environment-friendly fabrics.

8. Delivery time -

Delivery time becomes more crucial if you need the jersey for a specific occasion, Always ensure that the delivery timeframe aligns with your requirements. At Custombaba besides the quantity is large or small we can provide you at any location in just under 10 days.

custom jersey fabrics

Fabrics and Knits That Used in Custom jersey

As we read before fabric and knits plays very important part in personalised jersey. Their are many different types of jersey fabrics and jersey knits which you should know if you considering to order personalised jersey. For more clarity we will also learn what are the difference between fabrics and knits.

Jersey knits -

Knits are more specified than fabrics it is made by knitting yarns to create stretchable fabric.

Body knit jersey

Body knit jersey is a kind of jersey fabric that is primarily designed to be worn close to the skin. it is made from a mixture of cotton,polyester and elastane, which automatically make it soft, stretchable, and comfortable feel. GSM of body knit is 160-180. While body knit is generally used for jerseys and other activewear, you can also use it to make t-shirts, leggings tank tops, etc.

Body knit fabric

Dot knit jersey

Dot knit jersey is well-known knitwear in the textile industry. As the name suggests it refers to the texture of the fabric, where a small circular dot is injected into the knit design. GSM of soft knit is 160. It is also made by blending many fabrics. Cotton, lycra, polyester, spandex, and other fabrics are also blended if want extra stretch durability, etc.

Dot knit fabric

Soft knit jersey

Soft knit jerseys are made by blending cotton, polyester, and viscose. As a result of blending soft knit jerseys get many significant benefits like, by cotton it gets softness and breathability, by polyester it gets durability and wrinkle resistance and by viscose it gets drape.The GSM OF soft knit is 160-170. Soft knit is one of the best choices for jersey making. it is also used to make pillowcase and blankets.

softy knit fabric

Box knit jersey

If you take a look at box knit jersey fabrics then you will realize that box knit is very similar to dot knit, and it is not only the same in looks it is also very from origin to surface. It is made from a mixture of cotton, lycra, polyester, and spandex same as dot knit. The GSM of box knit is 160. it is generally made with a simple stitch pattern that creates a smooth, flat surface with a slightly boxy appearance. Box knit jerseys are widely known for their softness, stretchability, and dopeness.

Box knit fabric

Popcorn knit jersey

Popcorn knit jerseys are knitted fabric that is characterized by their small, raised bumps or popcorn. The popcorn type of shape is created by using a special technique that involves adding extra yarn to the fabric in certain places. The GSM of popcorn jerseys is 160 - 190. Some pros of popcorn knit jersey are Soft and comfortable to wear, Stretchy and breathable, and Available in a variety of colors and patterns

Popcorn knit fabric

Rice knit jersey

It is also knitted fabric that is made of polyester yarn. Rice knit has a smooth and plain surface with a subtle rice pattern that is created by the knitting process. GSM of rice knit is 160 to 180. It is a versatile fabric but is mainly used in activewear because of its capabilities.

Rice knit fabric

Jersey fabrics

Fabric is a general term used for any materials by which we can create different types of clothes.

Cotton jersey

As the name suggests cotton jerseys are made of cotton, but not any mixed cotton and polycotton. Cotton jersey is made of 100% cotton fibers. Cotton jerseys are the most common jerseys used traditionally because of their lightweight, soft, and breathable capabilities. These cotton fabrics are natural stretch properties which makes them more comfortable to wear. GSM of lightweight cotton jersey is 140-160 . For the previous couple of years people preferring blended and newly made fabrics for their jerseys, the biggest reason behind it is price, fabrics like polyester, lycra, and dri-fit are much cheaper than 100% pure cotton.

Cotton jersey fabric

Polyester Dri-fit jersey

If you are a sportsperson then you know being dried during playing is one of the biggest challenges. Generally, most of the fabrics which are used to make custom jerseys have the ability to absorb sweat. But some fabrics are made like an anti-sweat technique just like a dry-fit jersey which is made from moisture-wicking fabric technology called Dri-FIT. GSM of polyester dri-fit jersey is around 160 to 200 depends upon your want.

Dri-fit fabric is designed to pull moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly which helps to regulate body temperature and prevent discomfort caused by excess sweat. Dri-fit fabric jerseys are very popular among sports like soccer, cricket, basketball tennis, and some other sports. In comparison to traditional cotton jerseys, dri-fit jerseys are more lightweight, and breathable and also offer enhanced moisture management.

Drifit jersey fabric

Which Printing Methods is best for Custom Jerseys.

No matter any kind of printing method you use its effect overall look, feel, and durability, So it became crucial to choose the right printing method. There are a lot of factors that affect choosing the right printing method like fabric type, design complexity, budget, and purpose of jersey. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of printing methods helps you to finalize the best printing method for your personalized jersey. Here are some most used printing techniques that are commonly used to print jerseys

1. Jersey screen printing

Screen printing is a classic method that printed by transferring ink through a fine mesh screen onto the fabric. It is the best option if you want to print a simple design with bold colors and have large quantities of jerseys. Screen printing offers vibrant and long-lasting prints that can tolerate regular washing. However, it may not be best for complex designs or small runs because each color requires a separate screen.

Screen printing

2. Jersey heat transfer

The heat transfer printing method involves applying the design onto a transfer paper and then transferring it onto the fabric with heat and pressure. This method is known for its varsatilness and can print complex designs, gradients, and also photographic print. These methods are popular among those who choose individual customization and have small quantities to print, But the biggest disadvantages are its print slightly feels plastic and their longevity quality may depend on the quality of the transfer.

Jersey heat transfer

3. Jersey sublimation printing

If you want your print to become part of the jersey rather than sitting on top then there is no better option than sublimation printing. its process involves transferring dye onto the fabric using heat. One more thing that makes sublimation printing the best option for jerseys is that sublimation became more effective on polyester fabrics.

Jersey sublimation

4. Jersey direct-to-garment (DTG) printing

The direct garment also known as the DTG printing method is one of the newest methods, in this process a specialized inkjet printer is used to apply water-based inks directly onto the fabric. it has a wide range of colors available with high-resolution prints. DTG is best for complex designs and for detailed printing, it works best with lighter color jersey fabrics and it does not provide the same durability as other printing methods.

Jersey DTG printing

5. Jersey vinyl cutting

This method is generally used for producing names and numbers on jerseys. Vinyl cutting is best for printing names and numbers on jerseys. it gives a precise look however it also feels very slightly upward.

Jersey vinyl cutting

Now you took a look at different printing methods in respect of custom jerseys. There is nothing good or bad printing method for custom jersey, but some printing methods are best for one fabric, and design while other method depends on different fabric and designs. So always check which printing methods are most suitable for your fabric and designs.

Types of sports jersey

Different Types of Sports Jerseys

When you heard the word sports jerseys most people draw an image in mind of a functional uniform worn by athletes during games but sports jerseys are not only limited to a player, it's an iconic representation of teams, players, and sports culture. The design, features, and materials of sports jerseys can be different significantly based on the specific sports they are designed for. so here are some different types of sports jerseys across various sports :

Football (Soccer) Jerseys -

Football jersey comes in various types of style depending on the which type of football being played. For example, in America, football jerseys are made by considering durability and feature short sleeves. They usually print their team logo on the front and their name and player's number on the back. it also contains padding and reinforcement in specific areas for the protection of players.

Football jersey

Cricket Jersey -

Cricket jerseys are versatile based on the format of the game Test match, One day, and T20. These are generally made of lightweight, moisture-observing fabrics like cotton, polyester, wool, and spandex which keeps players comfortable during matches.

Cricket jerseys have shorts and long sleeves depending on the match format and climate for example if the place where a cricket match is going on is cold then players usually choose long sleeve jersey with a polyester jacket on it if requires it also protects players from rain and short sleeves for hot locations.

Just like other sports cricket jerseys too have player name and number on back and country or team name on the front with brands advertisements icons and logos.

Cricket jersey

Hockey jersey -

Hockey jerseys are made with durability due to it physical nature of sports. They generally have long sleeves and are made from heavy-duty materials to tolerate rough play and contact. It also features the team's name or logo on the front, player number on the back, and sometimes additional designs element on the sleeves.

Hockey jersey

Baseball Jerseys -

Baseball jerseys are unique jerseys because of their button-down style and loose fit. They typically feature three-quarter or short sleeves and longer lengths. It consists of the team name on the chest, the player name, and the number on the back. Baseball jerseys are designed to help players to a wide range of movement, which makes them suitable for the dynamic nature of baseball.

Baseball jersey

Basketball Jerseys -

Sleeveless designs and lightweights are the main characteristics of basketball jerseys. Wide armholes to adjust movements and flexibility are another feature of basketball jerseys. Jersey consists of the team name on the front, player's numbers on the front and back, and sometimes may include additional designs on the sides. These open designs of basketball jerseys allow players to move freely and shoot without any constraints.

Basketball jersey

Rugby Jerseys -

As we all know rugby is a physically demanding sports, as expected these (physical) factors widely create an effect on Rugby jerseys as they are designed to be durable and robust. Traditional, collared designs and long sleeves are the general look of rugby jerseys. These jerseys also feature the team's emblem on the front and player number on the back. Jerseys also include reinforced areas for added strength and protection.

Rugby jersey

Cycling Jerseys -

Aerodynamics and comfort during the long ride are the main objectives of cycling jerseys, they are usually made from lightweight and moisture resistance fabrics. They consist of tight fit, zipper in front, including back pockets for storing small items. Cycling jerseys generally feature bold designs and sponsors' logos.

Cycling jersey

These jerseys are just a few examples of infinite types of sports jerseys that cater to the unique requirement of different sports.


Where to get your custom jersey?

Get the ultimate destination for all your custom jersey needs - Custombaba As a premier custom clothing manufacturing company based in Ludhiana, India, Custombaba specialized in bringing your jersey visions to life with matchless craftsmanship and versatility.

Why choose Custombaba :

Wide Range of Customization -

At Custombaba, we believe in the power of personalization. Our extensive range of customization options ensures that every jersey we create is a true reflection of your style, team identity, or brand message. From fabric selection to design intricacies, we've got you covered.

Expert Design Team -

Our team of experienced designers team up closely with you to craft designs that captivate. Whether you're aiming for a classic look, a modern edge, or something entirely unique, our designers transform your ideas into stunning realities.

Quality Beyond Compare -

We're committed to delivering excellence. Our use of premium materials and state-of-the-art printing methods ensures that each jersey not only looks exceptional but also feels comfortable and endures wear and tear.


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All the fabrics used for your customised t shirts are BIO-WASH fabric, which have a softer feel than other traditional fabrics. Your every purchase saves the environment, as BIO-WASH chemical, being natural, breaks down easily. In our efforts to save the environment, we offer you FREE BIO-WASH that would make your custom t shirts, softer than ever.

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Our team is led by gold medalists from Textile institute of technology, one of the most premier colleges of textile technology in Asia. We constantly check the fabrics, the chemicals and the paints for standards, to assure our customers only the best. We plug gaps in the traditional supply chain to deliver, only the best to you.

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