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Why Choose Custombaba ?

Butter Smooth Fabric

Choose any colour for your custom shirts or hoodies. Your creations should not be dependent, on non availability of the fabric colour.

For the first time in India, use any colour and we will deliver. 100% cotton, no extra charges for bio wash.

Premium Printing

Printing is always a major factor, when you decide to order your custom T shirts. While others outsource their printing, we print your designs ourselves, helping us deliver awesome products with 100% customer satisfaction.

Detailed Stiching

We believe that “Our soul is fed with needle and thread.” Using the best German stitching machines, we deliver quality with no loose ends and stitch that stands the test of time.

You can be rest assured, and leave all your worries to us for manufacturing your custom t shirts or hoodies.

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We received designer hoodies with three fabrics used and sports jerseys. Excellent work, customer for life, referred many friends to them too. –  Shivam, Bits Pilani

I ordered customised t-shirts for my college’s committee members.The quality of the customised t-shirts were really good and cost effective. I would never think twice while ordering customised merchandise from CustomBaba.  – Anchal, Ram Manohar Lohiya Law College

Ordered custom t shirts collared ones for our office. They redesigned the collars as per our request. My boss was impressed! I am happy 🙂  – Cynita, Zeta

Ordered for our hockey team. The fabric is really good. I am using the same for normal daily wear now, very comfortable  – Gavy, Punjab University

Had ordered for my employees. Quality work. Will order again.  – Hrishi, Entrepreneur

Custom Design Jersey India

Now, choose your jersey design and relax, as we at CustomBaba will handle the rest. Choosing jersey design for your customised sports jersey is easy. Just send us a pic of what you want and we will get that started. At CustomBaba, we believe to deliver the best quality to you. Custom sports jersey you order are not just objects of clothing, they make a group a team, they transform players to warriors and batchmates to friends. When you use us, you not only choose the best price in the market, you also choose the best quality.

Our team is led by gold medalists from Textile institute of technology, one of the most premier colleges of textile technology in Asia. We constantly check the fabrics, the chemicals and the paints for standards, to assure our customers only the best. We plug gaps in the traditional supply chain to deliver, only the best to you. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries you might have.

As professional garment manufacturers, we take utmost care of jersey design making sports jerseys only.

We use DRI FIT fabric, best quality to manufacture your jerseys.

With high quality standards, we ensure your custom t shirts are the best on the market.

Not just the quality of the jerseys,  we also take care of the fitting.

We ensure proper sizing, using our in house sizing masters which check every piece for their specifications.

Our specification list contains of 25 check-points, like checking SPI that are met before dispatching the product to you.

If a piece is not manufactured as per specifications, it is rejected and a new one is made.

We ensure clean stitching, proper neck-bone and an excellent collar to deliver only the best!

custom jersey design

Confused About Selecting Custom Jerseys ?

Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect jerseys for your brand.

10 things you should remember before your order Custom Sports Jerseys from CustomBaba!

1. DRIFIT Jersey Fabric

The fabric used in your customised sports jerseys is always Polyester DRI FIT fabric. The fabric is highly stain resistant, easily dyeable, pre shrunk, low absorption.

As a low absorption fabric, the fabric does not absorb sweat in the garment. The DRI FIT fabric has small pores that allows the sweat to leave the body of the athlete.

They are extremely strong, easily washed and dried. As a professional garment manufacturer, we use the best DRI FIT fabric available for sportswear to make your customised sports jerseys.Relax, we got the quality bit covered for you!

2. Printing of your Sports Jerseys.

We do not do screen printing or rubber printing on your sports jerseys. We use a technique called sublimation printing that can be used only on polyester.

Essentially, a design is printed on paper and using heat at 170 degree celcius, is transferred on plain white polyester fabric. Because the design is made and printed digitally, there is no limitation on the number of colors that can be used.

The sublimated print does not fade away. Sublimation printing allows the colour to bond the dye to the transparent fibres of the polyester fabric and colour it internally, leaving no chances of colour leaving the Jerseys.

The end result is a smooth finish fabric that needs to be stitched together to make your customised sports jerseys.

3) Multiple Jersey designs.

As we make all garments in-house, we use different patterns for different sports as per your requirement of customised sports jerseys.

So our Basketball Jersey design is completely different, as compared to the cricket jersey design. Different patterns and designs allow you to choose the jerseys best suited for your use.

Whatever be the game, we can deliver great quality sports jerseys to your team, that can make you stand apart from other teams competing. You have already won half the match here!

4. Top quality Sports Jerseys.

Our manufacturing team consists of veterans from the industry. Our parent company manufactures garments for some of the top clothing brands in the country.

We use the same quality guidelines for you that we use for them. We ensure great stitching, that stands the test of time.

Sports Jerseys need to be stitched using strong polyester threads that will add strength to the garment. This strength is important as it prevents the jersey from tearing apart, when the game gets aggressive.

We also ensure clean borders, that allow no stitch feel for the player on the inside. We got you covered. We are your cheerleaders, that cheer for you to win, when you step on the fields!

5. Names and numbers.

Want names and number of your team members on the Jerseys?

No problem!

We got everything covered. Send us a list of names and numbers that need to be printed according to the sizes and we will handle the rest. Time to flaunt your team colors all over now!



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More Reasons to Love Us

With us being priority customers of Fedex, we make sure to deliver your custom t shirts through Fedex only. We share special Fedex rates that we receive as a priority customer for your shipping needs, saving you money and guaranteeing you door delivery across the world. We do not take any profits on shipping and share the best rates directly with you.

As we manufacture your Custom T Shirts from scratch, all the fabric that is wasted is recycled to make paper. Yes, you heard that right! With zero waste policy, we ensure a good environment for the future generations by converting all our fabric waste to paper building a healthier environment for all of us!

We give fair wages to our workers, creating sustainable livelihoods through your custom t shirt orders. Using industry best practices, we give fair and equal wages to our men and women workers. Your t shirts are made ethically in our vertically integrated factory, helping us keep costs low for you but still providing top notch quality products for your use.

Using best in the industry stitching needles from the German Major, GROZ-BECKERT, we assure an additional layer of quality. Using ball point needles that move into the space between knit fabrics, rather than tear them, the stitches come perfect for your custom t shirts! We only approve high quality GROZ BECKERT needles in our facility, not allowing any chance of a mix-up!

Using top quality prints, we give you 100% money back guarantee of prints not fading for 300 washes. Using only the best quality, we ensure butter feel on the t shirts.Your hand would glide on your custom t shirts, as you would be barely able to feel the print! Our customers swear on our quality, allowing us to offer 100% money back guarantee on the entire quality of the garment.

We use only COATS thread for your custom t shirts that is the best company for sewing threads in the world. The thread has more tensile strength than others, that makes your custom t shirts stand the test of time and less prone to wear and tear. The high tensile strength of the garments ensure that, they have a long shelf life and there are no rounds to get them sewed up. COATS thread also allows for high colour fastness, that provides near zero chance of thread colour bleed on your T shirts. Sit back and relax, as we use our vast experience in garment manufacturing to deliver your custom t shirts, that you will love!

All the fabrics used for your customised t shirts are BIO-WASH fabric, which have a softer feel than other traditional fabrics. Your every purchase saves the environment, as BIO-WASH chemical, being natural, breaks down easily. In our efforts to save the environment, we offer you FREE BIO-WASH that would make your custom t shirts, softer than ever.

Using some of the most automated garment manufacturing machines developed, we ensure several quality checks that give your custom t shirts highest quality standards. All our machines are DRY HEAD that ensure no oil stains while manufacturing the t shirts. Automated trimmers also ensure fine and even trims on all the edges of your custom t shirts.