Why Choose Custombaba ?

Butter Smooth Fabric

Choose any colour for your custom shirts or hoodies. Your creations should not be dependent, on non availability of the fabric colour.

For the first time in India, use any colour and we will deliver. 100% cotton, no extra charges for bio wash.

Premium Printing

Printing is always a major factor, when you decide to order your custom T shirts. While others outsource their printing, we print your designs ourselves, helping us deliver awesome products with 100% customer satisfaction.

Detailed Stiching

We believe that “Our soul is fed with needle and thread.” Using the best German stitching machines, we deliver quality with no loose ends and stitch that stands the test of time.

You can be rest assured, and leave all your worries to us for manufacturing your custom t shirts or hoodies.

Custombaba Vs Other Custom T-Shirt Providers

Most of the companies traditionally in this business, do not have their own manufacturing. They are just traders, where they buy t shirts from manufacturers and sell the same to you on markups of 30%. That is a crazy markup, but if someone is able to provide quality goods, then there should be no hard feelings.

But, due to the lower margins these trading companies give to the manufacturers, manufacturers have no chance,
other than to reduce their quality, reduce their sizes to save fabric and in the end, print a bad smelly and flaky print on the t shirt.


Well, We believe we at CustomBaba can make a difference here!

How you may ask?

Well, we are one of India’s top garment manufacturers making garments for some of the biggest brands in the country.

With an experience of 35 years in the industry, we make sure to deliver only the best at a fraction of the cost.

Choose any colour for your Custom T shirts. Your creations should not be dependent, on non availability of the fabric colour. For the first time in India, use any colour and we will deliver (depending n the order quantity 🙂 ). 100% cotton, no extra charges for bio wash.

All our fabrics are checked in house in our unit and those that do not meet the quality standards are discarded.

Yes !

That is the first step we take to deliver only the best to you.

Custom T-Shirt India Designs

Custom T-Shirt India Style #0001:


The Arrow cut full sleeve T Shirt.

The Arrow cut T Shirt gives an aesthetic appeal to your group and is perfect for companies or groups looking for designer full sleeve T shirts. With print options to go with on the front and back, the T shirt is a far cry from the boring plain full sleeve t shirts. This design has a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces and is available in multiple colors according to your choice. This design is also available as a half sleeve T shirt. If you are looking for your group to stand out, look no further than this T shirt.

Custom T-Shirts Online : #Design002


Mandarin long Collar Full Sleeve T Shirt : Elegant, aesthetic and sophisticated, this T shirt is an ideal choice for teams looking to raise their bar and look the most classy of all. With 5 buttons to come up on the placket of the garment, the t shirt is one of the most elegant designs in our portfolio. This design is available in half sleeve as well, with print and embroidery options according to your needs. Made of 100% cotton, our garments go into internal quality checks trusted by the biggest brands in the country.

Custom T-Shirts Printing : #Design003


Cowl neck full Sleeve T shirt. The cowl neck t shirt is another gem in our portfolio that you would not find anywhere else for customisation. Made with great design expertise, manufactured completely in house, this gem of a piece delivers style and elegance to your team, that would propel it into a different quotient all together. Available in half sleeve as well, this style can be customised using printing as per your choices.

Custom T-Shirt Design : #Design004


Henley round neck t shirt with designer placket: A truly exceptional product, customisable to your choices, a henley round neck designer placket is a designer t shirt. Textile fabric is used in the placket area to give the product a unique charm that distinguishes the product from regular t shirts. The customisation options include embroidery and printing. Full sleeve is also available in this design.

Custom T-Shirt Designs : #Design005


Long neck t shirts ideal for college events, the t shirt design is picked up from the streetwear fashion genre. The T shirt has a wide neck, giving it a retro effect picking up from the 1980’s fashion surge. The t shirt is ideal for college events and provides a high range of customisation options like printing on the front, back and sleeves. The design is also a very comfortable fit for Indian body types.

Custom T-Shirts : #Design006


Three button collared t shirt. A three button collared t shirt is perfect for company looking to gift its team members and executives group t shirts that look classy, elegant and still retain the corporate culture ethos. A wonderful addition to any wardrobe, they look UBER cool with teams looking to setup a benchmark in style. The design looks great with corporate logo embroidery and acts as a great gift for employees too.

Custom T-Shirts : #Design007


V Neck Henley Round neck T shirt.

This T shirt is ideal for college students, biker gangs, band merchandise and other groups of the same genre. An ideal design to look different, this design would definitely charm people around your gang. Like all our designs, this is available in women’s patterns too. Looks great with centre print and sleeve print! If your group loves living on the edge, this one if for you.

Custommized T-Shirts : #Design008


The Multi Round Neck T Shirt. The elegant design, works wonders for organisations and groups looking to add some spunk in their t shirts. The design supports full customisation like front and back printing. The design would look good with sleeves printing too. Made of 100% bio wash fabric as all our t shirts, the t shirt is comfortable to the core. the design works well with contrast colors like white and black.

Confused About Selecting Custom T-Shirts ?

Give us a call and we'll be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect t-shirts for your brand.

+91 99217 53733

Custom T-Shirts : #Design009


Standard Full Sleeve T Shirt : This is what it is! A standard full sleeve t shirt.

We use special stitching to ensure perfect fit on the sleeves.

The design works well, for all customisations like printing and small embroidery on the chest. Pockets can be added too, including printing on pockets

Custom T-Shirts : #Design010

custom tshirt online

The Classic V Neck T Shirt.

The Classic V Neck T shirt appeared in the 1960’s after WW2. After the traditional crew neck got over used, the fashion industry introduced the new v neck t shirt that became a rage in no time.

As the traditional crewneck / round neck t shirt were first used only in inners, changes in design led to people wearing it as an outerwear. Available for customisations throughout, the design is an evergreen classic for you to use for customisation.

Custom T-Shirts : #Design011


The Rockstar Polo T shirt.

The RockStar Polo T shirt is another gem from our design stable that allows full customisation and is a perfect fit for big organisations looking to order designer garments with their logos to their employees.

With our manufacturing teams making garments for some of the biggest brands in India, you can trust us to deliver only the best to you.

This Custom T Shirt design looks fantastic in both embroidery and printing.

Custom T-Shirts : #Design012


Two Fabric Mid Designer polo.

This exquisite design is specifically made for corporate clients that raise the bar fo style for their employees.

The design looks good for both contrast colors like White and black, and looks good for matching colors like Grey and Black too.

The polo has a designer placket, with three buttons adorning it perfectly placed in the centre using best manufacturing machines in the world. You heard that right, the best machines in the world!

Custom T-Shirts : #Design013


The Six Button Designer Polo T Shirt

The original piece was designed for a leading garment house of India. The six piece polo full sleeve will leave the crowds swooning when your team represents itself at major tournaments and meetings.

We recommend only embroidery on this garment piece. This piece is a great addition to the individual wardrobes of team members, and can be worn in any social settings out of corporate life as well.

Custom T-Shirts : #Design014


The Classic Polo T Shirt.

The Classic polo was invented by Sir Rene Lacoste, the French Grand slam champion.
As experts in polo t shirts manufacturing, we manufacture Collar polo T Shirts for some of the biggest brands in the country.

We use the same style and quality parameters to manufacture your T Shirts. Customisation include printing and logo embroidery. We can also add the pocket on the left chest, if required by you.

We give 100% money back guarantee on the quality of the garments given to every customer.

Custom T-Shirts : #Design015


The V Neck polo.

The V neck polo is an iconic design available with us, that is change from the Classic polo T Shirts.

The T Shirts bear a V neck design incorporated in the Classic polo T Shirt.
The T shirt looks exceptionally well with embroidery designs of the company as required.

Made by our trained stitching team having a vast experience, we make sure to deliver only the best.

Custom T-Shirts : #Design016


Contrast Sleeve Polo : The contrast sleeve polo design is a design catering to the urban audience, that is fashion savvy. The design is a perfect fit to wear the t shirts in formal as well as informal environments.

The Polo would look great with company logo embroidery on the chest area. The logo, matching with the sleeve colour will look stylish and give a great look to the garment.


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More Reasons to Love Our Custom T-Shirts

With us being priority customers of Fedex, we make sure to deliver your custom t shirts through Fedex only. We share special Fedex rates that we receive as a priority customer for your shipping needs, saving you money and guaranteeing you door delivery across the world. We do not take any profits on shipping and share the best rates directly with you.

As we manufacture your Custom T Shirts from scratch, all the fabric that is wasted is recycled to make paper. Yes, you heard that right! With zero waste policy, we ensure a good environment for the future generations by converting all our fabric waste to paper building a healthier environment for all of us!

We give fair wages to our workers, creating sustainable livelihoods through your custom t shirt orders. Using industry best practices, we give fair and equal wages to our men and women workers. Your t shirts are made ethically in our vertically integrated factory, helping us keep costs low for you but still providing top notch quality products for your use.

Using best in the industry stitching needles from the German Major, GROZ-BECKERT, we assure an additional layer of quality. Using ball point needles that move into the space between knit fabrics, rather than tear them, the stitches come perfect for your custom t shirts! We only approve high quality GROZ BECKERT needles in our facility, not allowing any chance of a mix-up!

Using top quality prints, we give you 100% money back guarantee of prints not fading for 300 washes. Using only the best quality, we ensure butter feel on the t shirts.Your hand would glide on your custom t shirts, as you would be barely able to feel the print! Our customers swear on our quality, allowing us to offer 100% money back guarantee on the entire quality of the garment.

We use only COATS thread for your custom t shirts that is the best company for sewing threads in the world. The thread has more tensile strength than others, that makes your custom t shirts stand the test of time and less prone to wear and tear. The high tensile strength of the garments ensure that, they have a long shelf life and there are no rounds to get them sewed up. COATS thread also allows for high colour fastness, that provides near zero chance of thread colour bleed on your T shirts. Sit back and relax, as we use our vast experience in garment manufacturing to deliver your custom t shirts, that you will love!

All the fabrics used for your customised t shirts are BIO-WASH fabric, which have a softer feel than other traditional fabrics. Your every purchase saves the environment, as BIO-WASH chemical, being natural, breaks down easily. In our efforts to save the environment, we offer you FREE BIO-WASH that would make your custom t shirts, softer than ever.

Using some of the most automated garment manufacturing machines developed, we ensure several quality checks that give your custom t shirts highest quality standards. All our machines are DRY HEAD that ensure no oil stains while manufacturing the t shirts. Automated trimmers also ensure fine and even trims on all the edges of your custom t shirts.

Customised T-shirts from Factory !

Custom T Shirts essentially means t shirts that are “customised” to your needs.

These are mainly used today by companies, startups, organisations and other bodies to print their logo and designs on T shirts. Such custom t shirts promote team building and give strength to unity, thus they are a rage nowadays.

Custom T Shirts in India are gaining a good traction and we at CustomBaba, with our vertically integrated facility would love to provide great support to customers looking for this service.

All you have to do is send us a message and we will call you ASAP from our side. It is that simple. We need your phone number and e mail id for the same. You can be rest assured that you will never receive a mass marketing message from our company using bulk messaging and mass mailing. As soon as we get your number, one of our associates will get in touch with you to understand your requirement and take it to the next level.

T-shirt Printing Online in India.

There are various types of t shirt printing available, in the world. We are currently doing only screen printing. T shirt printing using screen printing is the best form of printing, as it sticks to the garment and gives a smooth finish. T shirt printing using screen printing is time consuming as compared to DTG and other automatic machines. Our top printing techniques, guarantee 300 washes of print guarantee. That means for 300 washes, the print will not fade away. If the print fades away, we will give you 100% money back, no questions asked.

Our cost of t shirt printing does not depend on the size of the print. A4 or A3, we charge you the same for sizes of print.
We also give options of HD printing to our clients, after the designs have been approved by us for HD printing. The rates for the same would be on case by case basis.

We only use water based prints that help the t shirt and the print to be “one” with each other. Leaving printing on black, on any colour fabric, we can assure you that you would not feel any print colour.

As a source of great printing techniques, India’s biggest companies use us to make their fashion clothes.
You can trust on us to deliver only the best, and nothing else.

Best T-Shirt Designs

Just submit your t shirt design, and leave the rest to us.

When you submit your design, we check the same and give you the best quote from our end.
Once you have confirmed the quote, we make all the design files ourselves. You just have to send a JPEG / PNG to us and we will make the CDR file ourselves.

Separate requests in the design like contrast collars and ribs, a specific style that you want us to stitch and other requests from you can be accommodated. However, they would be dependent on availability and feasibility. But, we will go on length and to our best efforts to accommodate the same.

T shirt designing is your forte, manufacturing the same is ours.
You will not be disappointed.

Personalised T-Shirts for all Occasions

Personalised T Shirts are needed today by colleges, corporate organisations and alike, as office uniforms and marketing. Here CustomBaba is the best choice for all requirements of personalised t shirts. Just send us the design on mail and we will take it ahead. We offer the best prices for personalised t shirts. Once you are ready with the designs, just send them to us, so we can work out the discounts from our side and give the best rates direct from our factory. Personalised t shirts are in great demand and we would love to cater to every request as required by you.

These t shirts are a great gift for students and employees alike.

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