Start clothing line

start clothing line
Start a fashion brand in 2022

As an entrepreneur, I have always dabbled myself in different ideas that can make me extra money.
My first ever project was in 2014 when I tried to launch a clothing line in India and I failed miserably.
I did a few startups after that, that did not turn out to be that great as well.

Luckily, five years back in 2017, I started a small garment manufacturing business in Ludhiana, also called as Manchester of the east. And luckily, I got an opportunity to learn about the fashion industry from the best, practically in front of my eyes.
As a t shirt manufacturer for many brands, I saw everything up and close!

From small to medium, medium to large, domestic to exports; I was lucky to be involved in projects making garments for some of the best brands in the world. I figured out that this knowledge in not available anywhere online.
And thus started a mission to impart this knowledge I have to various people who would not make the same mistakes as me.

We will cover various topics outlined below, and I will try my best to keep updating the same with more content.

1) Market Research.
2) Designing.
3) Sourcing.
4) Manufacturing.
5) Quality.
6) Trims.
7) Selling.

Start clothing line. Market Research.

Start clothing line

When you start clothing line, market research is required on the target opportunity.
You should have an idea of what kind of products are selling online and offline.
Once you have a basic framework, using tool of your own choice, collate the same.
These designs will act as a reference to the tech packs that need to be generated by the designer.

Start clothing line. Designing.

You need to find a good designer that would make tech packs for you looking at your brief above.
Once you have a brief ready, you need to share the brief and the brand image to the designer who then would make the tech packs. Every tech pack would have one style that can have multiple colour options. You can select the styles or reject the styles as per your choosing.

Start clothing line. Sourcing.

If you know a professional person who has previously done a sourcing job, you should definitely contact them. If not, you need to to use the net to find out various factories in various countries.

While mailing your first request, pleas keep below points in mind.

1) Be specific.

Be specific of what your requirements are.

What kind of clothing do you need?

This can be divided in Mens wear, women’s wear and Kids wear.
Also Summer and winter.

What would be the base materials?

Cotton, poly cotton, viscose etc.

What would be the turn around time required by you?

Ideally you should provide a new supplier 90 days to ship the products.

Would you need sampling?

Ideally, you should ask for sampling.
After you have sent your tech pack to them, ask them for a sample and go ahead.

Would you be paying for sampling?

Yes, if you are a small company and just starting up, your paying for the samples would give an impression that you are serious about work.

After you have received the samples, please study them if they are as per your liking.

PRO TIP : Wash the sample to check if there is a print bleed or a shrinkage of the garment. You can measure the length before and after wash. If the change is less than 2%, you are good to go.

After you are satisfied with the product, you can place your order to the factory.
If you are a first time buyer, you may need to pay 50% advance as trust building measure.

You also need to source the following accessories and give the same to your manufacturer.

a) Neck-tape
b) Drawcords.
c) Buttons.
d) Wash-cares.
e) Barcodes.
f) Main Labels and Sizing labels.
g) Other accessories your clothing might need.

Start clothing line. Selling.

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