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Browse Selection of Styles in Custom Hoodies

1) Custom Hoodies Style 001 : Classic Hoodie.

This classic hoodie is a non Zipper, having a Kangaroo Pocket or a Side Pocket depending on the print.

These hoodies have a hood, a drawcord for the hood and comfortable large pockets to avoid cold breezes on hands in Indian winters.

Available in many colours, these standard hoodies are a great choice for your group to unite under a single banner of design.

custom printed hoodies

2) Custom Hoodies Style 002 :

Zipper Hoodie.
These classic hoodies have a Zipper, having a Kangaroo Pocket or a Side Pocket depending on the print.

These hoodies have a YKK Japanese zip, a large hood, a drawcord for the hood and comfortable large pockets to keep your hands warm.

Available in many colours, these standard zipper custom hoodies are a great choice for your group to flaunt group pics on your Instagram.

Custom Hoodies

3) Custom Hoodies Style 003 : Round Neck Hoodie without zip.

These classic custom hoodies are a non Zipper, having side pockets, beneath the fabric. There are no kangaroo pockets and hoods in this hoodie.

Available in many colours, these standard non zipper hoodies are a great choice for corporate offices to gift to their employees.

custom round neck hoodies

4) Custom Hoodies Style 004 : Custom Bomber Hoodie.

These classic custom hoodies have a Zipper, having side pockets or kangaroo pockets as per requirement. There is no hood in the hoodie.
There is a collar attached, giving it the Air force bomber jacket look, from which the same is inspired.

Available in many colours, these standard non zipper custom hoodies are a great choice for adventure freaks and military personnel who regularly choose our custom bomber jackets to gift amongst their regiments.

custom bomber hoodies

FAQS : CustomBaba Custom Hoodies

1) What is the fabric that is used in the customized hoodies?

Answer: We use three types of fabrics for sweatshirts and hoodies.

Fabric 01 ) Polyester Cotton 320 GSM: This is the best fabric for your customized printed hoodies. It contains 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. All big fashion brands we work with use the same fabric for their hoodies. The thickness is appropriate for winter and shall protect you from cold.

Fabric 02 ) Spun Polyester 320 GSM : This is a great fabric to use for the customised hoodies as well. The only difference is that the hoodie is made of 100% recycled polyester cloth, it is good for the environment and easier on your pocket. By hand-feel, you will not observe a "plasticky" feel. It is a good fabric for outerwear, and very sturdy.

Fabric 03 ) 100% Polyester DRIFIT 280 GSM: This is the best fabric if you are looking for a sporty look and use of the made to order hoodie. Made from DRIFIT material, it guarantees envy when you visit the stadium in this gear with your team for workouts and matches.

Fabric 04 ) 93% Polyester and 7% Lycra 280 GSM: This is one of the most premium customised hoodies we have. The surface feels like silk and has LYCRA stretch to your hoodie. It does not get any better than this fabric for your custom hoodies.

2)What is the quality of the zip that you use in the hoodies?

Answer : We use best quality YKK Zips only in the hoodies. We make sure that there is no stoppage and breakage of zips. If any issue arises in the zip, you can send that piece back and we shall pay your money back. Till date, the same situation has not arisen. 🙂

3) What kind of printing do you use on the hoodies?

For any large print longer than three inches we use screen printing. Screen printing is a form of printing where one screen is made per color to be printed on the hoodie. The color is released through the screen, which hides the area that is not to be printed. Screen printing is the best form of printing and we use the same for all our clients.

For small pocket size designs on the chest like logos we use embroidery that enhance the look of the hoodies and make them look professional.

4) What are your payment conditions?

We take 50% of the amount as advance and the rest 50% after delivery of the goods. This way you pay after receiving the goods and are assured of good quality from our end.

5) What if the order timeline is not followed?

We will personally apologize to you and would help to expedite the order. But please understand that we are spending a lot of amount on your customized orders on very low margins. So, we do not expect to give out discounts if timelines get delayed. As goods have to be created from scratch with many customized needs, we take more time sometimes for delivery of the order. We can air your goods, but those would be at your expense.

6) What is included in your quotation?
There are no hideen charges.
We cover transportation by ground and GST taxes when we give you a quote.

7) Can the order be canceled once placed and the amount transferred?

We reserve the right to cancel the order once payment is made depending upon what stage the order is in. We will try our best to cancel if we have not gone ahead with cutting the fabric. If the fabric is cut, we would not be able to cancel the order.

Great Manufacturing

We ensure a good environment for the future generations to come, by converting all our fabric waste to paper building a healthier environment for all of us!

Just like your custom hoodies all the fabric that is wasted, is recycled to make paper.

Fair Wages

We give fair wages to our workers, creating sustainable livelihoods through your custom t shirt orders.

Using industry best practices, we give fair and equal wages to our men and women workers. Your t shirts are made ethically in our vertically integrated factory only.

High Quality Guaranteed

We use the best industry stitching needles from the German Major, GROZ-BECKERT. Using ball point needles that move into the space between knit fabrics, rather than tear them, the stitches come perfect for your custom t shirts!

We only approve high quality GROZ BECKERT needles in our facility, not allowing any chance of a mix-up!

100% Money Back on Print Quality

Using top quality prints, we give you 100% money back guarantee of prints not fading for 300 washes. Using only the best quality, we ensure butter feel on the t shirts.Your hand would glide on your custom t shirts, as you would be barely able to feel the print! Our customers swear on our quality, allowing us to offer 100% money back guarantee on the entire quality of the garment.

Superior Threads

We use only COATS thread for your custom t shirts that is the best company for sewing threads in the world. The thread has more tensile strength than others, that makes your custom t shirts stand the test of time and less prone to wear and tear. The high tensile strength of the garments ensure that, they have a long shelf life and there are no rounds to get them sewed up. COATS thread also allows for high colour fastness, that provides near zero chance of thread colour bleed on your T shirts. Sit back and relax, as we use our vast experience in garment manufacturing to deliver your custom t shirts, that you will love!

Bio Wash Fabrics

All the fabrics used for your customised t shirts are BIO-WASH fabric, which have a softer feel than other traditional fabrics. Your every purchase saves the environment, as BIO-WASH chemical, being natural, breaks down easily. In our efforts to save the environment, we offer you FREE BIO-WASH that would make your custom t shirts, softer than ever.

Automated Machines

Using some of the most automated garment manufacturing machines developed, we ensure several quality checks that give your custom t shirts highest quality standards. All our machines are DRY HEAD that ensure no oil stains while manufacturing the t shirts. Automated trimmers also ensure fine and even trims on all the edges of your custom t shirts.

Behind the Scenes of Custombaba

custom hoodies

At CustomBaba, we believe to deliver the best quality to you. Clothing you order are not just objects of clothing, they make a group a team, they transform players to warriors and batchmates to friends.

When you use us, you not only choose the best price in the market, you also choose the best quality.

Our team is led by gold medalists from Textile institute of technology, one of the most premier colleges of textile technology in Asia. We constantly check the fabrics, the chemicals and the paints for standards, to assure our customers only the best. We plug gaps in the traditional supply chain to deliver, only the best to you.

Feel free to contact us in case of any queries you might have. We at CustomBaba strive to give high quality customer service to all our clients.

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