Why 180 GSM in custom T shirts?


GSM is a term that is vaguely used when people order custom t shirts. GSM is a standard unit of measurement in textiles. We get many queries from people looking for 180 GSM T shirts. They mostly do not know the meaning. This article is written with the intent of solving your T shirt needs or helping you if you are planning to be a T shirt entrepreneur. GSM means Grams per square metre. Imagine this: Make a square of one metre length and place a fabric evenly on the same. The weight of the fabric would be the GSM.

Mostly the norm in custom T shirt manufacturing is to order 180 GSM T shirts and thus we give 180 GSM T shirts to our customers by default, however if asked for increase or decrease, we do help our customers with the required GSM. Please note that more the GSM, the fabric would become thicker, and less the GSM, the fabric would become thinner.

The GSM of hoodies is normally 280 to 300 GSM. Thus the fabric is thicker and helps in winters to prevent from cold, similarly the fabric of baby wear is 120 GSM that is lighter.

Collared t shirts use 200 gsm. Thus they are thicker than your regular round neck t shirts.

Thumb rule:

180 GSM

Round neck T shirts: 160 – 180 GSM.
Collared T shirts: 200 – 240 GSM.

Now modern machines have taken over and GSM can be calculated effectively as opposed to a manual method where 5 samples were collected and an average calculation was done. We use such machines for all your orders to ensure the best quality for your needs.
Please check the image below for a standard automatic GSM calculator.
We have cut a piece of fabric and placed on the scale that measurers the GSM automatically.
The below image measures 214 GSM.

180 GSM

If you are a fashion entrepreneur, always remember that understanding GSM of garments is the first step you need to learn.
The second step would be to understand what are Pantone colors!

Understanding the technical details of the garments would help us understand quality aspects, or get fleeced by T-Shirt manufacturers who do not keep these aspects in mind, while delivering to you.

Understood right? It is not that difficult. 🙂

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