Child labour in India


Child labour in India is a huge problem, though not discussed much in our media, print and online web combined.
It is though the best topic to garner views every year on Children’s day, making shows for people to watch on how children should be studying, but working on small tea stalls and factories.

Child labour is a very common sight in the global textile industry as well. They are hired as their salary is low, and you can boss them around to work late hours. The global “BIG” brands are to blame for this too, as they give very less margins to manufacturers. This leads garment and T shirt manufacturers to hire child labour in India and other countries to increase their margins.

We at CustomBaba, have strict policy to not allow anyone under 18 to work on any machines. We do allow them to enter the factory as children are allowed to come with their parents inside. 🙂

However, diving deeper into the issue, India is home to the largest population of child labour, working mostly in industrial units. Although there are laws, they are broken pretty easily to achieve targets and the administration works hand in hand with the Industries.

Child labour in India can be stopped if there is a people movement that resists this practice and makes amends by getting the people responsible, quite simply in Jail.

Better schooling facilities are also needed, to create a safe environment with zero tolerance for bullying in both schools and colleges, to create an environment safe enough for children to concentrate on academics.

One day meal programmes can enable more children to attend school.

Side by side, we also need to enable more jobs in villages and urban poor, to reduce dependance on children for money.
More jobs will enable parents to earn more, leaving their children in schools to study.

More our generation of children becomes aware of their rights and more we create jobs, we can soon put an end to child labour in India.

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