Start clothing line

start fashion brand

As an entrepreneur, I have always dabbled myself in different ideas that can make me extra money. My first ever project was in 2014 when I tried to launch a clothing line in India and I failed miserably. I did a few startups after that, that did not turn out to be that great as … Read more

Distribution chains

  Distribution chains. Welcome folks, to the first lesson of How to start a clothing company. This is going to be a practical guide on starting your fashion brand. Understanding distribution chains is core to understanding the business of fashion. We will discuss wholesale, retail, online and other business models. Since the last five years … Read more

T shirt manufacturer

t shirt manufacturer

  CustomBaba started as a t shirt manufacturer, with time manufacturing all items in Knitting. This post would discuss all about t shirt manufacturing. As one of the top quality t shirt manufacturer in the country, we manufacture t shirts for companies like Monte Carlo, Myntra etc. Our client list includes some of the biggest … Read more

What is Viscose

  What is Viscose? You would have probably heard of this term but never thought much about it. Look at the above dress, it is made of Viscose! This fibre is currently ruling the hearts of many fashionistas across the world. If you want to get into the fashion industry, specifically into women clothing and … Read more

Remove fabric pilling

  Remove fabric pilling¬†is becoming a very common query for people around the world. We will discuss what leads to pilling in the first place and then the solutions that would help us remove fabric pilling from our clothes. What is fabric pilling? In simple layman terms, small balls start to appear on your clothes … Read more

Child labour in India

  Child labour in India is a huge problem, though not discussed much in our media, print and online web combined. It is though the best topic to garner views every year on Children’s day, making shows for people to watch on how children should be studying, but working on small tea stalls and factories. … Read more

SPI in garment manufacturing

  SPI in garment manufacturing. Recently, I have been spending too much time in our production unit, and trying to learn the new terminologies in garment manufacturing. I think, it is time for us to move to learning about enhanced concepts like SPI in garment manufacturing! I recently sent a t shirt sample to one … Read more