Guide | 5 facts about YKK Zippers you do not know in 2022!

YKK Zippers are one of the most iconic products in the fashion industry, and you must definitely consider learning about it, if you are looking to start clothing line.

Just like COATS is famous for its threads, YKK is famous for its zippers.

YKK is an international corporation selling only zippers to fashion brands.
They give a guarantee that zippers will never falter in their lifetime.

We at Custombaba use only YKK Zipper in our custom hoodies.

YKK is based out of Japan and has a manufacturing presence in 74 countries.

YKK Zippers

A zippers is like a fastener which joins two products using a mechanical device that locks the two fabrics, and only the user of the garment can close or open the zip, using ones hands.

What does YKK mean on a zipper?

If anyone told you that YKK is name of some cult who is stamping your zips with these initials while you are sleeping, you definitely need to change people around you!

YKK is a trademark name for the company YKK based in Japan.

It uses YKK as a symbol on the Zipper, to show that the zipper is a product of high quality and durability.
It assures customers who are aware of YKK, that the product they are buying is one of the best in the market and the money they are paying for the same is worth it.

What is so special about YKK zippers?

YKK Zippers are self lubricating.
More you use them, the better they become.
They offer companies a guarantee fo quality, where the fashion brand can return the garments to the company if the zip falters.
Now that is what I call a top quality product!

YKK is not a monopoly but is near one.

It has gobbled up many competitors and you cannot ask the company to reduce its prices.
Due to its quality, the YKK zippers are always short in quantity in the market.
YKK has faced heat in the courts when it was asked to pay fines due to its collaboration with other companies to fix the prices of its zips.

Can zips be used in T Shirts?

There are many products where zips can be used in t shirts. These include taking a zip and attaching one in a placket of a polo t shirt or attaching the same as a design element for use in custom t shirts.

I hope this article contributed to your understanding of the zip industry and how crucial a good zip is to your product once you start fashion line.


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