How to plan collections throughout the year?

Plan Collections:

Have you ever thought how the garment industry works and how much planning goes into making every collection?
Top brands take up to six months!
So we need to understand that planning is very important when we look to start a clothing line. 

But there are many factors that need to be taken into account when you plan collections.

And we need to start for the very basics.
The first step in planning a collection is the fabric.
The fabric can be Knitted or woven.

Now we need to understand that during summers, garment manufacturers, manufacture clothes for winter and during winters they manufacture clothes for summer.

The above is a very important point.
Please note that the above is a general point, for small quantities manufacturers can make any clothes during any season.
But, for brands which have a huge quantity, during winter, summer clothes are manufactured and vice-versa.

This is due to the reason that top brands are very specific of the looks feel and touch of the garment.
Before winter hits, the retailers of these brands need to have complete stock to sell the next season.
So, people like is make winter jackets in summer and thin tees during winters.

But, why am I telling you all this?

How is it important to you?

Your collection would be better if you follow this too.

Consider this, all the knitting machines are manufacturing fabrics according to the above principle.
So, you would have better variety of fleece in colors, patterns and qualities when manufacturing your winter collection if you start planning the same just after winters. This is when fabric starts getting manufactured. Ginning though, happens all around the year.

If you plan your collections late, your access to these top fabrics reduces.

Other point to note is that, if we need to buy less fabric as we do not have many pieces in that particular design, we can probably get that fabric from a big lot of some brand that is getting manufactured. But when the season is ending, no one is going to knit the fabric exclusively for you.

These points are valid for all seasons.

You need to first select the fabrics.
You need to decide what GSM and what pantone shades the fabrics would be.
Should they have bio-wash?
Start making your samples.
Make changes to your samples.
Design accessories for your designs.
Design tags and labels.
Check fits.

This process is long and normally takes 3 months.
Then, your final production starts and standard time taken is three months (high production period).
Then dispatch starts and the brands starts stocking for the seasons.

Thus we need to plan collections on time for dispatch to our respective distribution chains.


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