What is Bio Wash?


I get this question often!

Are your t shirts bio washed?

I end up sometimes asking the customer if they do know what the meaning of bio wash is?

We will start getting into the details now.

Bio Wash

Bio wash is a term that is used many times in the trade of custom t shirts making. Let us try and understand the meaning to this term for all t shirt entrepreneurs and for people looking to order custom T shirts. Next time, you would not need to ask your t shirt manufacturer what the term means!

When a garment is made, a complete process is followed that involves procuring cotton, ginning it, to make it knitting ready.


Bio-wash is a wet, permanent finish that is usually done before dyeing.
It is also referred to as bio-polishing, and is done only to cellulosic ( in our case cotton ) fabrics. During this process, enzymes are added under acidic conditions to the fabric. The process is carried out at very high temperatures to avoid pilling, and thus the rough fibres break down giving the fabric a unique touch, that is soft and silky. It also gives the fabric a superior colour brightness and glossier appearance.

Softness of the fabric increases after adding bio wash as during touch we do not feel rough ends on the fabric. Its gentleness increase the fabric life and makes the clothing more durable. Bio wash has replaced chemicals that were earlier harsh breaking the fabric and decreasing its life. It also increase the lustre and shine on the clothes as compared to chemical soaps.

It also protects our skin from various ailments and allergies that can be caused by other chemical washes.
It also preserves the colour of your garments thus preventing colour loss or shading of the garments.

Using of bio wash has been good for the environment too, as it is a natural chemical, nature easily breaks it down to lower components that are not harmful to humans and animals both. When you buy from us, we give you the same free, an attempt from our side to protect you and the environment.

The term has also been part of many marketing strategies of brands. When customers see that a product is bio washed, they feel the produce is much better in quality and durability. Thus they force brands which in turn force manufacturers to get the products made as per demands of the consumers. In the end, we all know that consumers are kings.

Myth buster: 

Many manufacturers say that getting bio wash done increases the strength of the fabric which is completely wrong.
It just increases the lustre, shine and soft feel. All our t shirts and customised hoodies have bio wash!


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