Ordering custom T shirts and hoodies remember these ten points!


So, you have decided to order custom t shirts and hoodies.

It is a mind numbing experience, I have been there too.
You do not know, what to check and what to ask!
What are the quality parameters that you need to check while your order custom t shirts and hoodies has become a genuine question as the market for the same has increased by leaps and bounds, in recent times.

So, we decided to write this post that would help you make the right decisions and save money for better things.

1) GSM

What is the GSM of the custom t shirts and hoodies you are looking to order?
GSM in simple terms means grams per square meter.
Thus, more the GSM, the thicker is the cloth.
Now, the best practice is to go for 180 GSM in normal round neck t shirts and 200 GSM in collared.
The Hoodies generally have 300 GSM and that would be good thickness to wear in winters too.

2) 100% Cotton or polyester?

Now though 100% cotton is the default in T shirt manufacturing, hoodies are never made in 100% cotton.
Also, if they are made, it does not mean that they are necessarily good.
Hoodies are made in a material called fleece.
Standard fleece is 60% cotton and 40% polyester.
This ensures your sweatshirts are great quality.
We make sweatshirts for many leading brands in India, and all of them follow the same quality principle.


3) Pantone colors 

Many times we want our custom t shirts and hoodies in colors of your team or organisation.
But, we are not able to find them. Trust me, I have been there too!
A specific colour is required, but the same is not available anywhere.
In the end, we have no option, but to select from a colour available.

Cry no more my friend, as CustomBaba has come to your rescue.
Now you can choose any colour available in the Pantone colors shade cards and we would deliver your order.
However, we would need some more time to process your order, as then the fabric would be made from scratch.

4) Child labor in India is a huge problem.

According to statistics, one in every ten children in India is working.
There are over 82 lakh child labourers in India.
Many children are made to work in harsh conditions of the textile country as they can be made to work late and have nimble hands.
Due to their nimble hands, their sewing is better and they have less problems with the management, performing every task as told.
This lets the industry use them to save costs and increase gains.
There is no transparency in this industry and people who order custom t shirts and hoodies for their employees or loved ones, do not even know who made their clothes.

CustomBaba is trying to create a difference here.
Our factory is open for inspection anytime. We invite you to visit us, a rarity in the garment industry itself.


5) Type of Sewing thread used: 

It is important for the garment to have good thread properties to increase the quality of the garments.
The thread should have high tensile strength and tenacity.
Equally important is the shrinkage and abrasion resistance.
Shrinkage and abrasion resistance should be low to keep the strength of the garment even on all sides of the fabric.
We only use Coats thread that is the best thread in the market globally for garment production.


6) Fabric pilling:

Do you remember the “bobbles” that come on your clothes sometimes, that seem like small balls of fabric.
These bobbles are bad to look at and decrease the quality of your custom t shirts and hoodies.
To prevent bobbles we use special yarn with more cotton twists and use special chemicals during pilling that prevent
bobbles in your garments. Special care is taken to check that products received by you are of international standards.


7) Biowash 

Is Biowash done on the fabric? This is a very important quality parameter in the industry.
Biowash is important as it gives, a soft and comfortable finish to your custom t shirts and hoodies.
It also helps the environment, and thus we give bio wash free to all our customers. 


8) SPI or Stitch per inch.

SPI means stitch per inch. Every garment is made using stitching.
Higher the stitch per inch, more strength the garment would have.
As, we make international standard garments for our international buyers, our SPI is set to 9,
which is the best hallmark for stitching in the world.
You can refer the below image to understand better.
Notice the stitches, more the stitches per inch, better the product.


9) Design choices

Do you have design choices to make in your custom t shirts and hoodies.
For example, we provide designer collar t shirts and hoodies if requested.
You can send us any image from the internet and we will bring it to life for you.
Ever heard of such service before, yup we invented it!


10) Are the websites you ordering from, have their own manufacturing?

If no, you are paying a huge price for your custom t shirts and hoodies.
We will close down our services if you can find a better quality at the cost we offer!


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