What are Pantone colors?


  Knowledge about Pantone colors is one of the first step, that you should take on your journey as a fashion entrepreneur. When I discuss with clients and associates, it strikes me hard that knowledge on Pantone is very low for most of the young entrepreneurs. This post acts as a medium to impart complete … Read more

What is Ginning?

  Ginning is a process that removes the seeds and other plant material from the raw cotton that is procured from the plant. When a cotton ball is plucked, it contains significant seeds and other plant material that needs to be removed to make fine cotton textile.   Now, you may ask me what has … Read more

What is Bio Wash?


  I get this question often! Are your t shirts bio washed? I end up sometimes asking the customer if they do know what the meaning of bio wash is? Okay! We will start getting into the details now. Bio Wash Bio wash is a term that is used many times in the trade of … Read more

Why 180 GSM in custom T shirts?

  GSM is a term that is vaguely used when people order custom t shirts. GSM is a standard unit of measurement in textiles. We get many queries from people looking for 180 GSM T shirts. They mostly do not know the meaning. This article is written with the intent of solving your T shirt … Read more